photo by Jo Duck

Juliet grew up in Sydney, Australia, with lots of visits to her Mum's home country, Indonesia, and a vast network of family there. Her parents enrolled her in the local ballet school to see if there was latent dancing blood from her grandmother, who was the Sultan’s star dancer at his court in Jogjakarta. Juliet has now been a successful professional ballet dancer for over 12 years, most recently as Senior Artist in The Australian Ballet.

Juliet's passion for the written word most likely had its genesis in her Dad's choice of literature for bedtime reading for his two daughters, including e.e. cummings, T.S. Eliot, Gerard Manley Hopkins and Shakespeare. She now writes regularly for Dance Tabs website and The Australian Ballet's blog Behind Ballet. She has written for other publications since, including Dance International magazine, and can’t wait for more. 

She is married to musician and producer Nick Thayer, and together they pursue a life that is sensitive to the world around them and the animals (human and non-human) that they share it with. They live in an 1870s converted stables in Melbourne with a vivacious Dutch rabbit named Sadie. 

Juliet was featured in Vintage Girls, a book by Nadia Barbaro, and in The Design Files' Melbourne Mornings documentary series. She has modelled for Harper's Bazaar, Women's Fitness, Vogue and Net-a-Porter amongst others. Juliet was Ambassador for Bloch dance wear, Official Ambassador for CARE Australia's Walk in Her Shoes Challenge, Ambassador for The Future climate justice initiative, Youth Ambassador for NSW Friends of The Australian Ballet, and an active member of the Greening The Australian Ballet committee. 

Juliet’s uncle, famed poet, playwright and activist W.S. Rendra, told her once that the role of an artist is to be a voice for the people. She looks forward to finding more possibilities each day to fulfil this aspiration.

Through Dancing in a Turning World, Juliet wants to share with you her journey into understanding dance, art, life, and their confluence in this turning (ever-changing, wondrous, beautiful, maddening, decaying...) world.